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Family Missions Night

3rd Wednesday of Every Month
@ 6:30pm
(See Bulletin for Details)

If weíre to become the most spiritually mature church in New Mexico by the year 2007 ... What do we see in the year 2007?

We see a large CLASS institute: with classes continuing to meet every month, with a diploma (based upon a simple strategy for maturity) that is being achieved by hundreds of people each year.

We see a core group of teachers: Each equipped and trained with a common vision for growth and with a methodology of teaching based upon First Baptistís teaching seminars. We see people who are specialists in their field in areas such as doctrine, specific Bible books, apologetics and Christian growth. We see people saying, "The best Christian teachers in New Mexico are the lay teachers at First Baptist of Bosque Farms."

We see a maturity program that has 100ís of adults, children and youth involved. This will give us a weekly centerpiece and a visible symbol of maturity and will be a major part of our CLASS institute.

We see a training ground for future church leaders beginning to grow out of our CLASS institute... we see people coming from all over New Mexico and surrounding states to learn how to start, grow and lead churches.

We see 1000ís of new and existing churches that are facing the need to move their church onwards in maturity. We see First Baptist Church as a model that will enable and encourage them and provide tools to equip them.

We see small groups and Sunday School focused on personal accountability to the habits of maturity and upon deepening a personal relationship with Christ meeting at the church and all over Valencia County.

We see a process for children to youth to college that intentionally helps them to grow in maturity at their level. We see a process that helps children and youth to fall in love with the Lord for a lifetime.

Finally... and most significantly... We see a group of people who are becoming Christlike. We see you living a life based upon:

  • A new values system: A values system that is being driven by the habits of maturity.
  • A new belief system: A Christian world view.


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